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  1. Spatial Regulation in New York City Wins the 2012 Arthur Miller Centre First Book Prize

    Congratulations to Themis Chronopoulos!

  2. Featured Book: The Community Development Reader, 2e

    "This updated anthology is a welcome addition for those who teach community development. It is a thorough and comprehensive treatment of the field that covers questions of practice and theory. A new section on globalization and contributions on sustainability make it the best single source for students of community development."

    —Edward G. Goetz, Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

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  3. City Reader: Amazon Bestseller in Urban & Land Use Planning

    Find out why so many instructors are using this textbook: request your complimentary exam copy!

  4. Featured Book: Space, Place, and Violence

    James A. Tyner's (Kent State University) Space, Place, and Violence seeks to uncover that which is too apparent: to critically question both violent geographies and the geographies of violence.

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  5. Featured Book: Urban Theory Beyond the West

    Urban Theory Beyond the West contains twenty chapters that raise theoretical issues about cities throughout the world.

  6. Featured Book: Cities and Sexualities

    In Cities and Sexualities, Phil Hubbard uses case studies to demonstrate why sex matters in any understanding of urban life. This book puts queer theory in dialog with spatial theory to explain how the city reproduces normative sexual orders.

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  7. Featured Book: Urban Geography, 4e

    The fourth edition of this textbook features new chapters on urban world and politics, housing and Residential Segregation, and transportation in cities; international case studies; new illustrations and tables; essay questions and project activities; and suggestions for further reading.

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  8. Featured Book: Spatial Regulation in New York City

    In Spatial Regulation in New York City, Themis Chronopoulos examines the applications of urban renewal, exclusionary zoning, anti-vagrancy laws, and order-maintenance policing. He argues that these initiatives deflected attention from the underlying causes of poverty and eroded civil rights while enabling real estate investment, high-end consumption, tourism, and corporate success.

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  9. Featured Book: Selling Ethnic Neighborhoods

    This collection of essays analyzes roles of ethnic entrepreneurs in the rise of ethnic neighborhoods as places of leisure and consumption. 

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  10. Distributed Urbanism, Book of the Month, December 2011

    Distributed Urbanism: Cities After Google Earth explores the increasingly decentralized systems through which cities are organized and produced, and examines the architectural practices that have emerged as a response

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