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“If you want to get to grips with any of the [European] languages, Routledge’s Colloquials series is the best place you could start.”
— Rough Guide to Europe

Say ‘hello’ with Routledge Colloquials, your number one choice in language learning.

  • Over 70 Languages
  • Clear, Easy-to-Follow, Self-Study Courses
  • Recorded by Native Speakers

What makes Routledge Colloquials your best choice in personal language learning?

  • INTERACTIVE – with lots of exercises for regular practice
  • PRACTICAL – with vocabulary and pronunciation guides
  • CLEAR – providing concise grammar notes.

Recommended by language teachers, for home-study or class use, the courses are available as books and CDs — sold separately or in great value packs.

If you'd like to purchase ebooks of our colloquials, please visit the ebookstore.

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