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Software Designers in Action

A Human-Centric Look at Design Work

Edited by Marian Petre, Andre Van Der Hoek

Chapman and Hall/CRC – 2013 – 452 pages

Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Innovations in Software Engineering and Software Development Series

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    September 9th 2013


Software Designers in Action: A Human-Centric Look at Design Work examines how developers actually perform software design in their day-to-day work. The book offers a comprehensive look at early software design, exploring the work of professional designers from a range of different viewpoints. Divided into four sections, it discusses various theoretical examinations of the nature of software design and particular design problems, critically assesses the processes and practices that designers follow, presents in-depth accounts of key supporting elements of design, and explores the role of human interaction in software design.

With highly interdisciplinary contributions that together provide a unique perspective on software development, this book helps readers understand how software design is performed today and encourages the current community of researchers to push the field forward.


"This is an important book for anyone wishing to research or improve the process of collaboratively designing software or other artifacts. It makes it clear how complex the process can be, even for fairly well-posed design problems. It also shows how many ways the process can be executed and analyzed, and how complex the analyses can be. For researchers and process improvers needing to test their ideas on design, it provides detailed case studies that can be used as test cases. And it brings together references on a wide variety of the major studies of software design and design in general."

—Barry Boehm, TRW Professor of Software Engineering and Director Emeritus, Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California

"As professional developers of software-intensive systems, we seek to craft artifacts that are useful, yet by their very nature, are also fiercely complex. Beauty and elegance of design are the elements we employ to balance that complexity. This book brilliantly attends to the landscape of how we may best design such systems."

—Grady Booch, Fellow, IBM Research

"… an important contribution to design research and lays broader foundations for further research for many years to come."

—From the Foreword by Nigel Cross, Emeritus Professor of Design Studies, The Open University


Design in Theory

Designing Designs, or Designs on Designs

Barbara Tversky

Representing Structure in a Software System Design

Michael Jackson

Role of Design Spaces in Guiding a Software Design

Mary Shaw

Designing Programs as Representations

Clayton Lewis

Studying Software Design Cognition

Jeff Wai Tak Kan and John Gero

Does Professional Work Need to Be Studied in a Natural Setting? A Secondary Analysis of a Laboratory Study of Software Developers

John Rooksby

The Process of Design

Empirical Studies of Software Design Process

Jim Buckley and J.J. Collins

Accessing Decision Making in Software Design

Henri Christiaans and Rita Assoreira Almendra

What Makes Software Design Effective?

Antony Tang, Aldeida Aleti, Janet Burge, and Hans van Vliet

Identifying and Analyzing Software Design Activities

Bonita Sharif, Natalia Dragan, Andrew Sutton, Michael L. Collard, and Jonathan I. Maletic

Ideas, Subjects, and Cycles as Lenses for Understanding the Software Design Process

Alex Baker and André van der Hoek

The Cobbler’s Children: Why Do Software Design Environments Not Support Design Practices?

David Budgen

Elements of Design

The Blind Men and the Elephant, or the Race of the Hobbyhorses

Mark D. Gross

Design Requirements, Epistemic Uncertainty, and Solution Development Strategies in Software Design

Linden J. Ball, Balder Onarheim, and Bo T. Christensen

Designing Assumptions

Ben Matthews

Reflections on Representations: Cognitive Dimensions Analysis of Whiteboard Design Notations

Marian Petre

Concern Development in Software Design Discussions: Implications for Flexible Modeling

Harold Oss her, Rachel K.E. Bellamy, Bonnie E. John, and Michael Desmond

Human Interaction in Design

The Craft of Design Conversation

Alan F. Blackwell

Going Meta: Design Space and Evaluation Space in Software Design

Jeffrey V. Nickerson and Lixiu Yu

Accommodating Disagreement: A Study of Effective Design Collaboration

Janet McDonnell

Application of Network Analysis to Conversations of Professional Software Designers: An Exploratory Study

Sian Joel-Edgar and Paul Rodgers

Conjectures on How Designers Interact with Representations in the Early Stages of Software Design

Kumiyo Nakakoji and Yasuhiro Yamamoto


Appendix I: Design Prompt: Traffic Signal Simulator

Appendix II: SPSD 2010 Original List of Workshop Participants


Name: Software Designers in Action: A Human-Centric Look at Design Work (Hardback)Chapman and Hall/CRC 
Description: Edited by Marian Petre, Andre Van Der Hoek. Software Designers in Action: A Human-Centric Look at Design Work examines how developers actually perform software design in their day-to-day work. The book offers a comprehensive look at early software design, exploring the work of professional...
Categories: Software Engineering & Systems Development, Human Computer Interaction, Product Design