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‘Understanding Research’, by M.I. Franklin

Planning, undertaking and completing a research project can be a daunting undertaking. For those fearful of not getting enough research done, doing it the wrong way, putting it together incorrectly, or unsure of what the end result will be, then Understanding Research is an invaluable guide to getting it right and putting fears to bed.

This new textbook is an essential guide to completing a research project in the social sciences or humanities, focussing explicitly on the needs and experiences of students. It includes a wealth of practical tips, from gathering data, analyzing it based on your research question and to presenting your findings and conclusions.

M. I. Franklin is Reader and Director of the Global Media & Transnational Communications program at Goldsmiths (University of London, UK). With an academic background in the Humanities (History and Music) and Social Sciences (Politics) she has held teaching and research positions in Humanities, Social Science, and Engineering faculties in New Zealand, the Netherlands, USA, and the UK, and has written many books including Postcolonial Politics, the Internet, and Everyday Life (Routledge) and Resounding International Relations (Palgrave MacMillan).

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